EuroConstruction Group MMC started operating in 2017 and has achived phenomenal development since its inspection.

As EuroConstruction Group MMC we present to our customers all services within our country and  beyond our borders with high quality using the latest technology.

Despite being young in EuroConstruction Group MMC its engineers are constantly up-to-date with innovate knowledge and experience that each of them includes the constructions installation of electrical, HVAC and automation jobs of dozen of high-end facilities suitable for their professional portfolio.

EuroConstruction Group MMC has implemented various projects in a number of projects since its insception

  1. Paulaner Beer – steam.
  2. Telemechanic plant – substation.
  3. Shahdag Tourism Complex- 5 th power transmission line.
  4. NaphthalantGashaltı hotel – kitchen and physiotherapy department – energy supply.
  5. Astara rail customs terminal – energy supply and field lighting.
  6. Amrahbank head office – execution of some HVAC works.


  1. Construction equipmenst
  2. Metal Construction
  3. All kind of electrical works
  4. HVAC
  5. Greening
  6. Design of engineering communications
  7. All kind of automation works
  8. Constructiv solutions and reports with professional approach
  9. Highly tasteful solution of architecture and design of objects.